RHEED image and video analysis package

  • Monitor video from firewire (IEEE-1394) video cameras
  • Take snapshots which pop up in resizable floating windows
  • Automatically save images at user specified time intervals
  • Record video files
  • Load saved video for later analysis
  • Define multiple regions of interest on video image (rectangles and lines)
  • Monitor intensity vs. time of multiple regions simultaneously (color coded)
  • Show real time histogram of entire image, or region of interest
  • Show real time line scans
  • Create 2D line scan images and show intensity vs time and intensity vs. distance with movable cursors
  • RHEED oscillation tool automatically filters data, optimizes cursor positions at peak, and calculates oscillations/sec


  • Installer (31,487 KB)
  • Latest version of EZ-RHEED software for firewire cameras. Dongle, software license and password required.
  • EZ-RHEED 1.3 Installer (30,293 KB)
  • Simple freeware version that works with analog cameras. Distributed free of charge. Note: Required analog frame grabber card from NI. Does not work with digital cameras.